12/22 WOD

For those of you who saw this article on FB you can skip by it, for all others take 3 Mins and Please Read This… I want everyone on the same page with their minds in the right place heading into the New Year!

“PR’s Are NOT Just About How Much Weight You Can Move” by Matt Biller

What instantly comes to your mind when you hear, “PR”? If you’ve never competed in sports, weightlifting or crossfit you might not think anything other than what the hell is a PR. For those of you who have heard this term I’m willing to bet the first thing that comes to your mind is, how much weight did you PR by and on what lift? I’m writing this article for multiple reasons, First to get you thinking differently about your goals, your training habits, and what you want from crossfit. Secondly to make you realize weight is not the end all be all goal and is not the only way to PR!

Think back to last week, last month, last year, so on and so forth and ask yourself these questions. Have I learned new techniques in my training, have I increased my mobility and flexibility, do I eat healthier, do I live a healthier lifestyle, have I made new friends, can I accomplish things I couldn’t before, can I run faster or longer than before, can I lift more or can I lift the same weight but faster and with with better form. Maybe you finally learned how to climb rope, accomplished the fear of doing your first box jump or the pride you felt when you RX’d your first workout. If you answered yes to any of these then guess what, THAT’s A PR!!!! We can achieve personal goals in many aspects of life and fitness, and for many, crossfit is the catapult to accomplish just that. I can say with 100% truth that crossfit has changed me in every aspect of my life. I’m more confident in what I can do, I’m stronger both physically and mentally, and I’m more conditioned than ever.

Let’s look at it from a different standpoint, lets say you work a 9-5 and have been busting your hump at work to get a promotion, a raise, a bigger office, time off, a different area to do sales in, or anything else that relates to your job. Only thing is you haven’t approached your boss because your afraid of the outcome or you might be intimidated. I can tell you for a fact, you will walk in with much more confidence after you think back to a recent 20min AMRAP that absolutely sucked the life out of you. What I’m saying is you come to the Box day after day, constantly grinding it out, pushing yourself to new levels, going through blood, sweat and tears. You go through it all to make yourself a better athlete and a stronger human being. All of a sudden life outside the box seems that much easier, you give yourself the confidence to take on anything life throws at you, like that little conversation you’ve been pushing off with your boss. Think about what you have accomplished here at Crossfit Advance, and that simple conversation, should seem much less intimidating. Boom PR!

All of that being said I want you to re-energize your thoughts and goals for this upcoming year. I want you to write out 5 goals you want to achieve within 3 months from now and 5 goals you want to achieve by the end of 2015. (Increasing your clean by 100 lbs within a year is far fetched so lets make them attainable goals!) If you have been highly anticipating a certain number you wanted to hit on your lifts and successfully got them than Fucking A! I’m proud of you and you have earned it. If you came up a little short then I want you to focus on the consistency of your lifts. Maybe you were gunning for that 100 lb Snatch and came up just short, but you’re consistently hitting 90 and 95. That’s a PR! I’d rather see someone consistently hit 90% of their 1 rep max then hit a big number and come no where near it again for 6 months. Think about that…

So here is what you can expect from our upcoming cycle. More conditioning, more lactic acid threshold testing, more lung burning, more pain. All while keeping your newly gained strength. We want to make you greasy fast, refine your movement patterns and test how well your conditioning is. So while getting that next 5lb PR on your squat is important, it is far from the end all be all of what we are trying to accomplish. We will be having conditioning tests once a month, so it is important for you to record your times and scores in a log book, if you have no data to compare yourself to, how will you know if you hit that next PR. So get your minds right and get ready for your 2015 PR’s!!!!


Holiday Hours:
12/24/14 – 6am, 8am, 10am
12/25/14 – Closed
12/26/14 – Open Gym as normal
12/31/14 – 6am, 8am, 10am
1/1/15 – Closed
1/2/15 – Open Gym as normal


Strength: 20 Minutes Test 1 Rep Max Front Squat

Conditioner: 6 Rounds
1 Min Sprint – 20 Sec Max Effort Airdyne Sprint, immediately complete as many burpees as fast as possible with the remaining time in the minute
-Rest 3 Mins B/W Rounds

*Score is total number of burpees




12/18 Team WOD

Skill: Rope Climb

Conditioner: 20 Min AMRAP
-1 Rope Climb
-10 Deadlifts (225,135)
-1 Rope Climb
-15 Partner Sit-Ups (interlocked arms)
-1 Rope Climb
-20 Burpees
-1 Rope Climb
-25 WallBalls

(*Only one rope climb per team, not 1 rope climb each, so 4 total climbs per round)


12/16 WOD


Strength: Pendlay Row – 5×6
*The key is to keep your lower back at the same angle and explosively pull the bar into your upper abs. DO NOT raise your chest! Drop weight if your chest comes up throughout the lift…

Conditioner: For Time 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
-Box Jumps (24,20)
-KB Swings (Blue,Red)

Extra Credit: 3 Rounds
-20 Hollow Rocks
-20 Arch Rocks
-20 Russian Twists



12/15 WOD

Strength: 1RM Clean & Jerk – 10 Sets, Every 2 Mins complete 1 Clean and Jerk for 20 Mins
*If you miss the jerk continue with just the clean
1)50%, 2)60%, 3)65%, 4)75%, 5)85%, 6)90%, 7)93%, 8)97%, 9)102%+, 10)105%+

Conditioner: 5 rounds
250m row sprint

15 wall balls

1 minute rest between rounds

- if you cannot conduct 15 wall balls unbroken after row, scale down to maintain and unbroken set only


12/13 WOD

-8 Power Cleans (135,95)
-8 Box Jumps (24,20)
-8 Burpees

3 Mins Rest, then…

-8 Power Cleans (115,75)
-8 Step Ups (24,20) (4 on each leg)
-8 Burpees

-2 Mins Rest, then…

-8 Power Cleans (95,65)
-8 Bar Hops
-8 Burpees


12/11 WOD


Strength: Clean Pulls – 5×3 
Load as follows…
Set 1 – 95% of 1RM Clean
Set 2 – 100% of 1RM Clean
Set 3 – 105% of 1RM Clean
Set 4 – 110% of 1RM Clean
Set 5 – 115% of 1RM Clean
-Focus on hitting all the correct positions and finish with a very dynamic “Pop and Shrug”
-Drop the bar and reset after each rep.


Conditioner: 15 Min AMRAP – Teams of 2
-6 Strict Pull Ups
-6 Box Jumps (30″,24″)
-6 Toes to Bar
-50 ft. Farmers Carry for each athlete


12/9 WOD

Strength: 6×2 – One and a Quarter Front Squats

Perform the eccentric portion of the squat. Recover only partially (slightly above parallel), return to the bottom, then recover with speed fully to standing. Maintain tension on the legs throughout the movement.

Between Sets – Tempo Ring Rows – 3-0-X-3

Conditioner: Against a 12 Min Running Clock you will perform…
-500m Row
then, with the remaining time in the 12 Mins you will perform an AMRAP of…
-1 rope climb
-10 KB swings (blue red)
-10 pull ups
-10 butterfly sit-ups


12/8 WOD

Skill: Hang Clean + Clean & Jerk

Power: Every 2 Mins for 20 Mins Complete 1 Hang Clean + 1 Clean & Jerk
Get heavier than last week and build in weight over the 20mins

Conditioner: “LumberJack Games 2014 WOD 2″
6 Rounds, 1 Min Work / 1 Min Rest
-10 Burpee Over Bar then with the time left over in the minute complete an AMRAP of Power Cleans from the ground (135,95)
(*Note that RX Weights from the competition were (185,125) if anyone feels so inclined)